Do you know the secret internationally successful design furniture?

It is the unquenchable joy of composition paired with the vitalising symbiosis of tradition and innovation. These factors have determined our actions and thinking more than eight decades.

As a Swiss family company we hold traditional craftsmanship particularly near and dear. Highest quality, selected premium materials and employees who produce sustainable furniture on site with passion: these are the essential pillars of Artanova Switzerland philosophy.

What drives us additionally is the fascination, to set new trends today, which affect the way of life for many years.

The close cooperation with internationally renowned designers and the creative output of Artanova Switzerland Design Group has repeatedly made possible to create unique furniture for unique people.

On these pages we have compiled the latest models as well as the timeless classics of Artanova Switzerland Design Edition for you. Be inspired, be enchanted, enjoy living objects with style, charm and stunningly beautiful design.

Please enjoy!
Stéphanie Horst, CEO



A premium class manufacturer of upholstered furniture developed over eight decades

The foundation stone for this continuous development was laid in 1930 by Werner Horst Senior. In 1933, the focus was on the production of wicker furniture and wickerwork products. After the Second World War was over, the development continued consistently. An event which shaped the path for the future was the expansion of the upholstered furniture manufacturing which took place under the leadership of Werner Horst Junior in the sixties – this was the birth of the traditional Horst Furniture Collection.

By the start of the seventies, customers' expectations with regard to the variety and individuality of the models were increasing. We reacted to the situation quickly and with great success. 50 main models in 30 varieties of fabric and in various colours and types of leather – Horst AG recognised the spirit of the times and responded with the right answer.

The birth of
Artanova Switzerland

Despite this success, nobody sat back and relaxed. In 1975, the Artanova Switzerland collection was brought to life. The successful combination of design, quality and everyday practicality is what makes the seating from Artanova Switzerland so unique – the international market realised and recognised this a long time ago. Artanova Switzerland has become an important element of Horst AG which is key for its image. In particular, the successful collaboration with internationally renowned designers makes everyone in the sector prick up their ears and wait for new developments from Steinen with baited breath.

A change in management:
tradition meets innovation

On 1st January 2009, the third generation of the family took over the reins of the company. Since then, Stéphanie Horst has been responsible for the management as well as for marketing. For the company, this means a breath of fresh air without losing sight of the traditional values. On the one hand, she is one of those responsible for product developments which are followed by people in the sector with interest. On the other, she commits to the successful company culture which has been built up over decades, with no ifs or buts.

Highly qualified and motivated employees who are involved in many decisions, the highest quality raw materials, clear and distinct commitment to ecological thinking and action at all levels, cooperation with trade partners in the premium sector and perfect craftsmanship – these factors for success will continue to stay strong in the future. In addition, we must also ensure that we set the trends and do not merely follow them: an incredibly exciting and promising symbiosis for the future.

Horst AG today –

this is a success story which is constantly adding new chapters.
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We are a premium class Swiss manufacturer of upholstered furniture. We passionately design and produce upholstered furniture which is aimed at people who do not settle for average.

Our innovation and the fantastic quality of our products mean people put their trust in us. We always put our experience and awareness of good craftsmanship to use, every single day.

We include our employees in our decisions which creates a working environment that is characterised by team spirit and a focus on performance.

We are always honest and friendly to our customers and partners. We make agreements so that they can be kept.

Our processes are transparent, we keep to our deadlines and we are always aware of our responsibilities. We create turnover, make plans with costs in mind and generate profit to ensure the future of our company

We are concerned about the environment, respect it and put this into practice.

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